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A Successful Career Transition From Civil Service to Commercial Sector


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Tan Chin Wee: Carving Success in Equity Trading Murdoch University Graduate Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance (double majors), Class of 2013.

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Looking to embark on a career in the banking and finance industry? Be inspired by the story of our Murdoch University graduate Tan Chin Wee, who is now Assistant Vice President and Equity Dealer with CIMB Securities Singapore.

Always upbeat and keen to help others, Tan Chin Wee is one of the success stories among Murdoch University graduates. While studying in Kaplan, he took on a contract position with UOB Asset Management doing trade settlements in a backend role. After Chin Wee graduated, he was determined to be in the front line and soon went into the corporate banking sector, specializing in small and medium enterprises. He was challenged to build relationships with SMEs, and service their banking needs with solutions such as arranging for business loans and the financing of equipment and machinery.

Having an active interest in the stock equity market served Chin Wee well. Not long after his graduation, he was given the opportunity to work in CIMB Securities as an equity dealer. Currently, he makes full use of his interpersonal skills to acquire clients at roadshows and other events, demonstrating and explaining products and services available. He also provides clients with important market information and is responsible for executing their trade orders on equity products such as stocks and bonds on the stock exchanges promptly.

When asked how his experience at Kaplan had prepared him for his career, Chin Wee responded that apart from learning how to interpret a company’s financial data, the many group projects he was involved in in school allowed him to work effectively in a team and work towards maximizing each member’s contribution. He enthuses about his lecturers, many of whom are veterans in the banking sector, saying that their insights and personal experiences are invaluable to those who are just starting their careers. One of his mentors had this bit of wisdom to impart: “You work around things that are related to your goal. So what is better than working around money in order to achieve financial success?” These words greatly influenced his career choice.

Chin Wee offers this advice for fresh graduates looking to get into the banking and financial sector: “this industry is rather fast-paced. As the saying goes ‘time is money’, so be prepared to deal with work with great efficiency and accuracy. And because industry regulations are strict, due diligence and integrity must always be present. To succeed in banking, you’ll need to be decisive, opportunistic, and have excellent communication skills. Think about whether your personality and motivations make you more suitable for roles in the front office, middle office, or back office of an institution. Lastly, watch out for opportunities in risk management and liquidity plus compliance roles arising from strict regulations due to Basel 3 and the recent banking liquidity rule set by MAS.”

A graduate success story brought to you by Student Affairs & Graduate Services Office. We are grateful to Chin Wee who facilitated a corporate visit to CIMB cum career preview to equity trading for our students in May. Thank you, Chin Wee.