FAQs on Alumni Relations

Who is eligible to apply for the Kaplan Alumni Club Membership?

All graduates of Kaplan are eligible to apply for the Kaplan Alumni Club Membership. So long as you have graduated from your diploma, degree or postgraduate programmes, you are welcome to join the Alumni Club!

How much is the membership scheme?

The Kaplan Alumni Club Membership is free of charge. 

How long is my membership valid for?

The Kaplan Alumni Membership lasts for a lifetime and there is no need for you to renew periodically.

When will I receive my e-membership card?

Kaplan Alumni Club issues e-membership card which will be sent to the email you have registered with Kaplan Campus Life. This e-membership card will be emailed to you once your application is approved. Please allow 3 -5  working days for the receipt of your e-membership card.

What if I lost my e-membership card?

Please email to alumni.sg@kaplan.com to request for replacement at no cost.

What are the roles of the Kaplan Alumni Executive Committee?

Kaplan Alumni Executive Committee members are responsible to organize activities in line with the Kaplan Alumni Club's objective, have charge of the assets of the Alumni Club, ensure proper expenditure of the Alumni Club's finances and to publish an annual report of the Alumni's activities.

How to apply for the Kaplan Alumni Executive Committee?

We welcome any interested graduates who wish to play an active role in the Kaplan Alumni Club to join us as the Alumni Executive Committee. We are looking for candidates who are responsible, creative and most importantly to be committed, which means being able to attend meetings and events. If you're keen and want to contribute to the Alumni Club, do email us at alumni.sg@kaplan.com.

What is the difference between the Kaplan Alumni Club and University Partners Alumni Club?

The Kaplan Alumni Club is set up by Kaplan Singapore and aims to connect all graduates of diploma, degree and postgraduates. The University Partners Alumni Club is set up by different chapters of the individual universities and is a separate entity from the Kaplan Alumni Club.

What is the Graduate Survey?

Students who have graduated from their diploma, degree, post-graduate or professional qualification programmes will receive an invitation by email and SMS to participate in the Graduate Survey. This survey is conducted in December every year.

Your feedback is extremely valuable in enhancing the students and graduates experience at Kaplan. This is an important survey to help us improve our services and understand the needs of our graduates better.