Career Development Series

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Finally, when the time comes to graduate and embark on your given career choice, above an active co-curriculum, the Career Development Series (managed by SAGSO) will help you to be successful in the career path you have chosen.

Business and industry today value employees who could be productive members of work teams, and who bring a broad-based experience to the work place. Some skills you can develop through active participation in student life and career services events include soft skills or what is known as "people-related skills" and employability skills, all which are lifelong and should serve you well in the years to come.

The Career Development Series (CDS) is a 3-dimensional career advisory series of developmental workshops, previews, talks, individual or group career counseling/coaching steps to help prepare you for industry. Learn how to enhance your employability and stay relevant in the workforce through:

Building your Hardware

  • Effective Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  • Resume Critique
  • Career Coaching
  • Career Counselling
  • Job Search Process
  • Industry Talks
  • Career Previews
  • Internship Opportunities
  • The Job Search Process
  • Upgrading Pathways

Developing your Software

  • Image Management
  • Job Interview Skills
  • EQ & Interpersonal Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Networking skills

Managing your Heartware

  • Personality Profiling
  • Self-Awareness
  • Adversity Quotient
  • Change Management
  • Choice Management
  • Reflective Learning
  • Career Transitions

Why attend developmental workshops?

Workshops are regularly conducted to help students work on their long term employability skills. How can you differentiate yourself from someone of similar educational qualifications? It is really about branding yourself and it matters how you present yourself - in writing and in person. Being prepared is the best thing you can do for yourself, so take advantage of our workshops which are targeted at enhancing your employability skills. Give yourself an edge over others even before you graduate! Most of the workshops are free anyway and will prepare you for the workplace!

Some of the workshops we run regularly include; Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Managing Job Interviews, Image Management and other professional development workshops. Check out our events page to see the latest workshops coming your way.

Find Jobs Here

CDS framework includes dedicated job portals with collaborations with the biggest job sites to help you find that dream job. Simply click below links to begin your search! 

Internship benefits

Internship is a great way to gain practical work experience, and a chance to apply theories you learnt into real work situations. We strongly encourage students to embark on internships for a variety of reasons. A quick summary of benefits of internships: 

  • Bridge the gap between theoretical study and the professional world
  • Find out exactly what the role does in order to decide if they want to carve a career out of this, often the start of many a passionate journey
  • Discover why they are studying the theories through the eyes of industry practice
  • Become professionals who can take their learning in the classroom and adapt it to the workplace
  • Get a head start on classroom learning by working with industry principles on the job
  • Have an Internship Program participation noted on their transcripts, differentiating them instantly
  • Gain self-confidence and motivation and develop expertise in interacting with people
  • Become more attractive to employers because of their pre-trained industry experience and can thus be productive immediately
  • Improve significantly on the level of job and salary offers upon graduation
  • Develop professional behaviours, business etiquettes and social skills
  • Build the network and goodwill 

Sharing of Employment Outlook & Career Resources

Keeping yourself updated on how the job market and industries are performing is an important part of your professional arsenal. This is especially so when considering a career change, deciding on the pathway for upgrading or bettering yourself with professional development courses. Besides employment outlooks, we also share career related articles to help you improve your knowledge on career related matter and update you on the current trends and industrial developments.

Career Previews / Industry Talks / Career Fairs

Career previews and industry talks provide valuable insights into both the profession and the industry. During such events, students often learn from veteran professionals and guest speakers from industry to hear their stories, exchange of meaningful questions and pick up latest updates in the respective industries. 

Attending career fairs is another great way to get in touch with professionals or the recruiting officers to learn about, job requirements, specific organizational culture and industrial trends. Here are some of the career fairs which may interest you.