FAQs on Career Development Series

What is CDS?

CDS is the abbreviation for Career Development Series. CDS is a 3-dimensional framework of career services available to students and alumnus of Kaplan. CDS aims to enhance our graduates' employability skills and relevance in the workforce through enhancing the heartware, software and hardware of graduates.

Who is eligible for CDS services?

All students, fresh graduates (up to 1 year post graduation) and alumnus of Kaplan (for those who have graduated for more than 12 months) are eligible for CDS services. 

Can CDS help me find a job after I graduate?

CDS aims to enhance our graduates' employability skills and relevance in the workforce through its framework of developmental workshops, coaching and sharing of resources. CDS also supports graduates with a dedicated job search portal with career resources such as Jobstreet and JobsCentral .

What are the various services made available by CDS?

A range of career services can be found here . It includes developmental workshops, seminars, talks, career coaching and self discovery tools, amongst many others.

How can career counselling help me?

During career counselling, your desired goals for counselling will firstly be determined and mutually agreed. This is important because while we are committed to help you achieve your career goals, realistically (an example of unrealistic goals - a fresh graduate insists on landing a job that pays $20k monthly and short working hours). Career coaching mainly focuses on resume and cover letter writing, resume critique, job interview tips, grooming essentials and career transition issues. Other ad hoc topics may also be presented depending on circumstances. Interventions will then be provided during career coaching, followed by a review at a later date.

Who needs career counselling?

Requesting for career counselling means you have the desire to learn more and you care about achieving your career goals! We all have areas in life which we need to improve on. Be it wanting a resume critique or pending career switch, why not take the opportunity to discuss your needs with our CDS counsellor?

Are the discussions that take place during career counselling confidential?

Yes, all CDS clients' information and issues discussed over counselling are assured confidentiality. (Note: Under special circumstances such as high tendency to self-harm or harm-to-others, whereby information may be disclosed to relevant authorities.) For more information, please read our Career Counselling: Terms & Conditions.

Do I have to pay for career counselling?

Career counselling will be free for all students and fresh graduates of Kaplan. It may be made available at a nominal fee for alumnus of Kaplan who have graduated for more than 12 months. 

How do I make an appointment for a career counselling session?

You may write in to campuslife.sg@kaplan.com and request for a session of career counselling with our career counsellor. We encourage you to share with us the topics which you would like us to explore with you. Please allow at least 3 working days for appointment confirmation.

I noticed that you also have workshops such as resume writing and interview skills. How do I join?

You may register for the workshop via the events page . Please allow us at least 3 working days to process your registration.