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Medical Insurance 

Kaplan Singapore has in place a group medical insurance scheme for all its students. This medical insurance scheme will have a minimum coverage as follows : an annual coverage limit of S$30,000 per student, covers up to A ward (conditions apply) in government and restructured hospitals and 2-bedder wards in private hospitals; and provides for 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in Kaplan Singapore-related activities) throughout the course duration.

Provision of Medical Insurance
To ensure that students are protected against the risk of hefty medical expenses, the PEI is required to purchase medical insurance coverage for all full-time students during their course duration. The insurance should cover hospitalisation and related medical treatment expenses. However, students can opt out of medical coverage if they have existing medical insurance, and belong to either of the following groups:

Singapore citizens, permanent residents and any student not on a Student’s Pass, e.g. holders of dependent’s pass, social visit pass, employment pass or work permit; or
Students under corporate sponsorship or corporate agreement signed between the PEI and sponsor organisation.

The mandatory medical insurance purchase described above does not apply to students studying on a part-time basis or those taking courses that are no more than 30 days or 50 hours in duration.

To read more on the Private Education Act, PEI-Student contract and Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) please click here .

List of medical providers under AXA/Medismart scheme.

Students are required to bring along their Kaplan student card (CT card) for identification purpose during visit. 

Alternatively, student can view the clinics available by using their FIN number at Alliance Medinet .

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