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About Us / Our Services 

Student Guidance & Counselling Services (SGCS) is provided to all full-time and part-time students of Kaplan. The service is designed to address students’ immediate concerns while acquiring life skills for their individual growth. SGCS consists of counsellors with qualifications in counselling, social work and psychology. Counsellors are specialists with extensive experience and skills in helping students with a wide range of issues that include exam stress, anxiety, low mood, relationships and esteem. Counselling sessions are individual and short-term, with the aim to improve student well-being and equip them with skills to manage their studies, work and life in general. If long term or specialised care is required, the counsellor will assist with the appropriate referrals.

Seeing a Counsellor

Before seeing a counsellor, students will be asked to complete a counselling request form and answer questions that help the counsellor understand their circumstances and feelings. During the first session, the counsellor will obtain information to determine their needs and difficulties through mental health screenings and counselling interviews. Mental health screenings are symptomic checks that prompt for the severity of their symptoms. Screening tests do not diagnose mental disorders but instead are tools that aid the counsellor to understand a student’s mental health, to decide if seeking mental health treatment is beneficial. Additionally, mental health screenings allow the counsellor to collaborate with students to identify and discuss problems before they spiral out of control. The counsellor will discuss a course of action which may include individual counselling or referral to a suitable service in the community for intervention.


Counsellors abide by a strict confidentiality policy as it creates a safe and confidential environment where students can share openly. Exceptions to this practice are in cases of imminent threat to life, a court order, a written consent given by an individual or when mandated by Kaplan’s senior management. SGCS is duty-bound to inform relevant personnel who can best take relevant and responsible action to prevent injury or harm to any individuals.