Kaplan Industry Project: Unpacking the flavours of NDP 2021

May. 25, 2021


This national day, you are in TREAT for a flavourful KIP experience!

To spice up the month of July, we are bringing an industry project that gives YOU the exposure to plan, design, and market two new food product launch for National Day.

Get your creative juices running as we present you this opportunity to work with expert team from Osomefood!

Welcome briefing: 30 June, 11.30am to 12pm (Wednesday)

Where: Zoom & Tentative visit to eco-regenerative farm*

Project duration: 30 June – 20 July, 2021

Applications are now open to all disciplines. 

*In view of the recent changes in safety measures, all site visits will be tentative until further notice.

Register Here