KIP: Employer Branding and Talent Relationship Management

Mar. 14, 2022


Kaplan Industry Project: Employer Branding and Talent Relationship Management

A good employer branding will get conversations started in the hiring and job seeking space. It is a key step for every organisation to attract and retain the best people.

Are you keen to be part of the employer branding journey? Join Talentvis, a leading recruitment and executive search firm, on a journey to strengthen its positioning and branding in the marketplace.

Welcome briefing: 31 Mar, 11.30am to 12pm (Thurs)

Where: Zoom (Online)

Project duration: 31 Mar – 22 Apr, 2022

Make your experience count with Kaplan Industry Project. Find out how we can help you reach your career goal post: Click here to watch the video.

*Note that Kaplan Industry Project is only applicable for full-time degree and Masters students.

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