4IR: Fundamentals of Python

Mar. 16, 2022


Course Objectives

  • Understanding the fundamentals of coding in Python
  • Learn to write programmes, perform various operations, and manipulate and visualise data.

Course Structure

  • Foundation
    • Learn to code simple and complex programmes
    • Python integrated development environment
    • Nuances of Python scripting\
    • Basic operational functionalities and control structure used
  • OOP Concepts and Jupyter Notebooks
    • Working with files, strings and Jupyter
    • Work with external data sources
    • Write reusable codes on Jupyter
    • Understand Jupyter usefulness as a presentation tool
  • Diving into Python Libraries
    • Numpy (numerical Python)
    • Pandas (data manipulation)
    • Matplotlib (data visualisation)
    • Use of scrapers to source data from the World Wide Web, and APIs
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