4IR: The Art of Data Analytics in the Real World

Jun. 22, 2022


Course Objectives

  • Manage, transform and analyse data using the various functions and power of Microsoft Excel.
  • Understand how SQL (Structured Query Language) can be used with databases to ingest, manipulate and store data.

Course Structure

  • Pivot Table
    • Creating Pivot Tables
    • Sorting and Filtering Pivot Tables
    • Formatting Pivot Tables
    • Creating Pivot Charts
  • Functions & Formulas
    • IF and Related Functions
    • Lookup and Reference Functions
    • Power Functions, Statistical Functions, Math Functions
    • Date and Time Functions
    • Array Functions
    • Text Functions
  • Advanced Charts
    • Creating Basic Charts
    • Style Charts with Design Tabs
    • Fine Tune Chart Elements
  • Simple Data Analysis
    • Installing Data Analysis Tool
    • Goal Seeker & Solver
    • Histogram
    • Linear Regression
  • Basics of SQL (M/S SQL Server 2018/9)
    • Basics of Databases and Tables
    • Database and Table Designs
    • Normal Forms
    • Basics CRUD operations on Tables
    • Where, Having Clauses
    • Joins (Inner/Outer)
    • Aggregate Queries
    • Sub-queries
    • Basics of Stored Procedures


  • Certificate of Completion by Kaplan (will be received within 1-2 working weeks upon course completion)
  • 5 Kaplan Employability Statement (KES) points (only for eligible students)
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