Kaplan Football Club

The Kaplan Football Club, known competitively as the Kaplan Elites, is made up of students of various nationalities who are interested in soccer. Players meet up on a weekly basis to improve their skills together in drills and kickabout sessions.

As long as you have the passion and loves football, we look forward to have you joining us! Our players meet up every week to hone their skills together in a drill and kick-about session. Our students from various nationalities play together regularly, so this is a great chance to meet like-minded football enthusiasts and make new friends! 

Join our Facebook group for regular updates on practice sessions and register with us to keep connected! https://www.facebook.com/groups/kaplanSGfootball/

Kaplan Elites

Selected players from Kaplan SG Football Club will be drafted into Kaplan Elites, which started in September 2012. Being the new team on the block, Kaplan Elites are frequently taking up challenges in futsal tournaments and 11-a-side friendly matches. In our annual Kaplan Futsal Open, held on December 2012, Kaplan Elites emerged champions among the 12 inter-school teams which took part.   

List of achievements:

  • PSB VSA Soccer Cup 2012: Champions
  • MDIS 5-A-Side-Futsal Tournament 2012: 1st Runner-Up
  • Kaplan Futsal Open 2012: Champions
  • Friendly Match – vs Fighting Cocks FC: Drew 3-3
  • SMU ChaoVietnam Cup 2013: Group Stage
  • PSB Soccer Cup 2013: 3rd & 4th
  • Kaplan Futsal Open 2013: 2nd Runner-Up

Win or lose, we believe that every football match played is a testimonial of our players’ teamwork and discipline. Through sports, we aim to instil the right attitudes on the field which eventually translates to critical life skills!

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