Student Executive Committee (SEC)

Student Executive Committee (SEC) is made up of students from a diverse range of nationalities. SEC members are effectively student leaders in Kaplan. At least once every month, student activities will be organized by SEC for the wider student population. Genres of activities may include arts/cultural tours, corporate visits, community work, sports events, recreational activities, enrichment workshops and talks, and many others.

SEC members work towards one common goal; to bring about fun, interesting and enriching activities to allow Kaplan students to enjoy a wholesome and holistic student life.

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Ding Lin Chua

Birmingham City University

Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Nationality: Singaporean

Sathvika Samineni

University of Portsmouth

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Accountancy and Financial Management

Nationality: Indian

Zheng Jie Ong

Murdoch University

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations

Nationality: Singaporean

Fang Earn Foo

Murdoch University

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Forensics and Information Security and Computer Science

Nationality: Bruneian

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