About Employability

At Kaplan, we are committed to providing quality education through higher learning and skills development. As a result, Kaplan students will experience a holistic education with emphasis on graduate outcomes that will enhance their employability.


Career Portfolios and LinkedIn Workshops

Kaplan guides students to create professional Career Portfolios. Students can attend Career Portfolio workshops to generate functional resumes, gain tips for interviews, knowledge on job search strategies and networking advice. Through LinkedIn workshops, students will create professional profiles and connect with industry professionals.

Career Advisory/Planning

Career planning and advisory are provided to our students, graduates and alumni through Kaplan’s career coaches. Coaching sessions cover diversified areas of interest including career planning, career clarity, creating job options and discovering transferable skills. Coaching sessions are either one-to-one or group sessions. 


4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) Courses

Kaplan’s 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) Courses encapsulate a wide range of soft and technical skills. The courses are catered to supplement students’ academic training and prepare them for the future of work. The 4IR courses are carefully selected to equip students with interpersonal, digital and practical skills that are industry relevant.

List of 4IR courses to recommend our students as follows:

Digital Skills Course Soft & Technical Skills Course
Excel for Beginners Building a Performing Team
Advanced Excel Communicating and Influencing
Python Programming Analysing Reports and Data - Made Simple!
The Art of Data Analytics in the Real World Building Winning Relationships
Python Fundamentals for Beginners Advanced Problem Solving
Creating Business Success through Data Storytelling Project and Financial Management
Digital Marketing SEO and Analytics Design Thinking: The Key To Success


Kaplan Industry Projects (KIP)

Kaplan recognises the increasing demand for talent. KIP trains students to derive actionable ideas and exchange best practices relevant to resolving common business pain points in the current world.

 KIP provides students with hands-on exposure through industry-specific problem statements. Students will work in teams to develop suitable solutions to address the problem statements. KIP equips students with essential employability skills and knowledge fundamental to their job performance. Working in teams also encourages bonding among students and their peers.


Industry Talks and Visits

Kaplan organises industry-specific talks for students, graduates and alumni to better appreciate the benefits and demands of the workforce (present and future). Corporate partners are engaged to offer perspectives on workplace training and progression. Students can benefit from industry site visits as they will acquire first-hand knowledge on applications of skills.


Kaplan invites subject matter experts and industry practitioners to conduct Masterclasses. Students will become aware of trending industry insights and gain valuable advice and professional techniques to improve performance strategies for specific work areas.

Entrepreneurship Talks 

Kaplan engages entrepreneurs to share their personal journeys. These talks provide students with networking opportunities and allows them to gain an understanding of how to run a business startup as entrepreneurs.  

Industry Advisory Boards (IAB)

Industry Advisory Boards from various sectors were set up to help align Kaplan’s programmes with the needs of different industries.

As experts in their own respective sectors, IAB members reflect on industry viewpoints and provide valuable input on employment demands and the qualities that employers look for in graduates. IAB members co-organise activities like Masterclasses, industry talks and Kaplan Industry Projects.

Work Experience1

Kaplan offers local students with work experience (non-credit-bearing internship) to gain valuable industry exposure. For graduating students, this is an excellent opportunity to establish networks with potential employers.


Career Fairs and Career Seminars

Career Fairs with potential employers are held annually at Kaplan, either on campus or virtually.

Career Fairs are organised to provide graduating students and alumni on-the-spot interview options with hiring organisations. Kaplan career coaches are on hand to offer support and guidance to students, graduates and alumni.

Recruitment Talks

At Kaplan, recruitment talks are organised with potential hiring employers.  Graduating students and alumni are invited to network, enquire about the job openings offered and submit resumes directly to hiring employers.

. 1Not applicable to international students.