About Employability

At Kaplan, we are committed to providing quality education through higher learning and skills development. As a result, Kaplan students will experience a holistic education with emphasis on graduate outcomes that will enhance their employability.



Competence in professional grooming, social etiquette and managing online profiles are essential aptitudes of a graduate’s professional life. The students with the assistance from ESA, are equipped with the knowledge of building their online presence through attending LinkedIn workshops as part of their freshmen orientation. Additionally, students will get to learn from career coaches on how they carry themselves and interact with industry experts during networking events in professional grooming and personal branding workshops, learn to create resumes and tackle tough interview questions through our Resume Writing & Job Interviews workshops, understand your career interests and suitability through Personality Profiling and lastly, search jobs effectively by learning useful job search strategies from our Job Search workshops.

Career Advisory Services

Career advisory open students’ minds and seek clarity of thoughts around career related decisions. This includes exploring career interests and gearing up for graduate employment applications. Such conversations usually led students into developing resumes and refining their interviewing skills. These are one-to-one career coaching sessions that students book with our career coaches.


4th Industrial Revolution (IR) Courses1

Besides technical skills, behavioral skills such as communication, presentation and teamwork skills are every bit as important as technical skills including digital skills such as coding, data analytics and understanding the potential applications of Artificial Intelligence. The Kaplan’s 4th (IR) offerings of courses encapsulate a wide range of soft and hard skills, catered to supplement students’ academic training, preparing them for the future of work.

List of 4IR courses to recommend our students as follows:

  • Advanced Problem Solving
  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Building a Performance Team
  • Building Winning Relationships
  • Project and Financial Management
  • Analysing Reports and Data - Made Simple!
  • Excel for Beginners
  • Advanced Excel
  • Data Management and Analysis in Excel & SQL
  • Data Storytelling and Visualization in PowerBi
  • Python Programming


Industry Talks

Industry experts are invited to Kaplan to share industry-specific insights, trends and market factors that influence the potential/growth of a sector with our students. With such information, graduates can make informed decisions about their career choices.

Industry Visits

Industry visits are occasionally organised for students and graduates with the aim of:

  1. providing insights on challenges that organisations face in the technical world,
  2. gaining clarity on concepts that they learn in school; how it is being applied practically,
  3. understanding working methods and employment practices,
  4. and providing opportunities to interact with professional industry players.


Distinctly different from conventional lectures, participants of these MasterClass will have the opportunity to gain unique insights from industry leaders and entrepreneurs. This is done through harnessing the talent and industry experiences of industry experts, selected to lend insights on various topics.

Kaplan iCare

Kaplan iCare is a platform that brings together a network of organizations and the Kaplan community with a similar goal: doing good and creating a better world. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) experiences build strong characteristics and refine the qualities in our students, such as leadership, ownership, integrity, compassion and a high level of confidence about themselves and the community. Through Kaplan iCare, Kaplan Singapore aims to be the leading private educational institution that supports sustainability and inspires the next generation of leaders to do good.


Launched on 14 October 2019, Murdoch Entrepreneurship Development & Graduate Employment (EDGE) centre is an initiative by Murdoch University and Kaplan Singapore. The aim of the centre is to enable Murdoch students in acquiring entrepreneurship and employability skills, gaining a competitive “edge” before entering the workforce. Murdoch EDGE provides students with added entrepreneurship skillsets and business acumen in addition to the suite of Kaplan employability services.


Career Fairs

Career fairs are held annually at Kaplan campuses or virtually to connect graduates with potential employers. to understand the scope of work and job requirements, submit resumes and go through initial interviews during the event.

Recruitment Talks

Potential employers are invited to share job opportunities available within their organisations with graduates. Graduates are also able to network and enquire more details pertaining to job requirements and scope with hiring managers.

Kaplan Industry Projects (KIP)2

With the increasing demands for talents, it is fundamentally crucial that individuals are trained to derive actionable ideas and best practices relevant to resolving common business pain-points in today’s world. KIP brings industrial exposure to students through industry-specific problem statements and aims to equip them with essential employable skillsets and knowledge that are fundamental to their job search.

Work Experience3

Kaplan Singapore provides local students with work experience (non-credit bearing internship) to gain valuable industry exposure for at least two to three months. For graduating students, this is an excellent opportunity to establish networks with these companies. Some of our graduating students were offered permanent graduate employment because of their outstanding work performance during the internship.

Job Matching Service

Kaplan provides job matching services to full-time students who are graduating and graduates from degree (Bachelor’s and Master’s). This service aims to provide job seekers with alternative career search options in order to maximise opportunities that are available in the job search market.

To apply for job matching service, email to esa@kaplan.com.

. ²Not applicable to Diploma, and part-time students. ³Not applicable to international students.