Student Clubs

There are many different interest clubs and international community clubs that you may participate in with opportunities for you to pick up soft skills, volunteer in projects and community work as well as prepare yourself for work life as you progress in your academic programmes with Kaplan.

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Sports Clubs

Kaplan Badminton Club

The Kaplan Badminton Club consists of local and international students enthusiastic about badminton. The club meets regularly for some sparring action, where the values of perseverance and sportsmanship are honed.

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Kaplan Football Club

The Kaplan Football Club, known competitively as the Kaplan Elites, is made up of students of various nationalities who are interested in soccer. The players will plan for their training sessions to improve their skills together in drills and kickabout sessions.

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Kaplan Basketball Club

The Kaplan Basketball Club, known competitively as the Kaplan Knights, is made up of diverse local and international students keen on basketball. This is unique in the sense that students from around the globe have the opportunity to come together not just to fulfil their passion but also meet new friends from around the world.

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Kaplan Adventurers' Club

The Kaplan Adventurers’ Club creates opportunities for students who are interested in experiencing adventurous activities in Singapore. The club committee organises exciting and thrilling land and water events monthly, encouraging students to participate and achieve better and healthier school-life balance.

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International Community Clubs

Chinese Student International Club (CSI)

The Chinese Student International Club was formed with the aim of bringing Kaplan students from China together. The club hosts various social and cultural activities throughout the year, and helps students from China adjust to their new school life on campus with the support of the Chinese Student International Club’s community.

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Vietnamese Community in Kaplan

Vietnamese Community in Kaplan is a community network of Vietnamese students studying at Kaplan in Singapore. Since its founding, the club has held many activities to unite and support Vietnamese students in both their lives and studies. The community at Vietnamese Community in Kaplan aims to help them adjust to life on campus.

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Myanmar International Student Club (MISC)

The Myanmar International Student Club comprises a community of Myanmar’s students studying at Kaplan in Singapore. The club frequently organises activities to support and bond Myanmar’s students on and off campus. Myanmar International Student Club aims to cultivate a sense of belonging in its student community here.

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Korean International Students Society @ Kaplan

Korean International Students Society @ Kaplan is an international community group that guides, bonds and unites Korean students at Kaplan in Singapore. By organising frequent events, gatherings and fun activities, the club aims to also help new students settle into campus life.

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Pelikan (Pelajar Indonesia @ Kaplan)

Pelajar Indonesia @ Kaplan is an active Indonesian student community group at Kaplan in Singapore. Through regular activities, the club aims to unite and bond Indonesian students studying here, and foster a sense of home for them.

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Interest Clubs

Kaplan Dance Club

The Kaplan Dance Club was created to spread appreciation and passion for the art of dance to the Kaplan student community. Students are inspired by the social and leisure aspects of dance. Performance opportunties are also offered that will deepen their appreciation for the art and further develop their self-confidence and discipline.

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Kaplan HERO Club

The Kaplan HERO (Help Everyone and Reach Out) Club consists of Kaplan staff and students looking to participate in community service through volunteering, with the common aim of making a difference in the lives of others.

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The Rock Soul K

The Rock Soul K Club aims to help growing performers develop their artistry in music. It is a vibrant community of student artistes who are keen to pursue performing arts as an extra-curricular activity.

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Kaplan Marketing Club

To be the community for students to connect, collaborate and compete in all things marketing. Kaplan Marketing Club is setup to be a educational hub for professionals and students alike to explore and develop on their skills within the marketing industry.

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Kaplan Games Club

Kaplan Games Club is a student club for anyone interested in games. It provides a social space for students to come together and have fun. The club has both casual events like game nights with new fun titles every month, as well as competitive events such as in-house tournaments. The best players will have a chance to represent Kaplan at local gaming tournaments. Whether you're new to games or a complete veteran at them, we will always welcome you at the Kaplan Games Club.

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