Student Clubs

t is easy to get involved and have an impact on your own student life experience at Kaplan. Simply check out the many options highlighted on this site. If you do not find your interest listed, let us know by sending us a message here, so we can help you get connected!

If you feel that an important interest group is missing, please don't hesitate to let us know via our contact form.


Sports Groups

Kaplan Badminton Club

Connect with badminton players of all levels who are in the Kaplan SG Badminton Club. The players meet weekly for some sparring action.

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Kaplan Football Club

Are you able to dazzle on the field like Lionel Messi? Do you strike the ball as well as Cristiano Ronaldo? Or are you a rock in the defence like John Terry? Regardless your skill level, for we are not looking for superstars to join us.

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Kaplan Basketball Club

With the increasing number of students interested in Basketball, the club was formed to bring together like-minded students. Training takes place every Monday evening and the club brings together a rich mixed of diversity; students from countries like Singapore, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Russia and India.

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Kaplan Adventurers' Club

The KAC creates opportunities for students who are interested in experiencing adventurous activities in Singapore. The club committee organises exciting and thrilling land and water events monthly, encouraging students to participate and achieve better and healthier school-life balance.

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International Community Clubs

Chinese Student International Club (CSI)

The Chinese Student International Club or otherwise known as CSI Club in short, promotes social and cultural activities. Students from China host various activities throughout the school year intended to promote cohesion and bring Chinese students together to make them feel more at home.

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Vietnamese Community in Kaplan

VNCK is a community network of Vietnamese students in Kaplan Singapore. We started from a humble group of a few enthusiastic students in Oct 2011 and have grown to a Facebook community of more than 2000 members.

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Myanmar International Student Club (MISC)

MISC comprises a community of Burmese students studying at Kaplan in Singapore. The club frequently organises activities to support and bond Burmese students, on and off campus. MISC aims to cultivate a sense of belonging in its student community here.

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Malaysian Elites

We are Malaysian! We are the ELITES! We are one big family in Kaplan as well as Singapore. "Elites" is the vision for our future. Together we can make it happen. We are one "keluarga"!!! ME represents "Malaysia community in Kaplan". ME stands for "Malaysia Elites".

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Korean International Students Society @ Kaplan

Kiss-K is a community group to guides, bonds and unites Korean students in Kaplan. We aim to provide a platform to spread the love and care among of Korean students who studying in Kaplan.

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Pelikan (Pelajar Indonesia @ Kaplan)

PELIKAN (Pelajar Indonesia @ Kaplan) is an active Indonesian student community group at Kaplan. We aim to be the connecting platform that unites and strengthens the bonding of Indonesian students studying in Kaplan Singapore.

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Enrichment Groups

Kaplan Public Speaking Club

The Kaplan Public Speaking Club offers a platform for Kaplan students who wish to improve on their public speaking skills to come together to further develop their confidence and skills.

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SCIST @ Kaplan

Kaplan Singapore SCIST - Students Club for Information Systems and Technologies is an IT club for all Kaplan students who are passionate for IT and would want to enhance their learning experience in an interactive way.

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Kaplan Dance Club

The Kaplan Dance Club (KDS) is formed to create and spread appreciation and passion for the art of dance. We seek to inspire the Kaplan student community with non-competitive dance education and offer performance opportunities in an environment that will motivate, educate, and develop an appreciation of the art of dance.

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Kaplan HERO Club

At HERO (Help Everyone and Reach Out) Club, students and staff in Kaplan are given the opportunity to participate in community service and volunteering programmes.

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Kaplan Investment Club

Kaplan Investment Club empower individuals the essential skillset to make financial decisions and investment analysis through the workshops run by invited guest speakers from industry professionals. The club conducts workshop from Fundamental to Advance level on topics such as Stock, Forex, Futures and more.

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The Rock Soul K

The Rock Soul K aims to help growing performers develop their artistry in music. The club is a vibrant community of student artists at Kaplan who are keen to pursue performing arts as an extra-curricular activity.

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