About Kaplan Campus Life


Campus Life connects you to what’s going on around campus!

Do you know that there are many other activities outside of your formal curriculum waiting for you to explore? Students at Kaplan are supported in co-curricular activities including new student orientations, networking and interactive engagement, leadership development, cultural and performing arts, community volunteerism, sports groups and career services. Come take part in our social and recreational activities, sports, community service, special events and more!

Why participate?

Participation in co-curricular activities is valuable for students for many reasons. First of all, it's fun! Secondly, you get to meet many more people outside of your classmates! Last but not least, there are many different interest groups that you may participate in and opportunities for you to pick up soft skills, volunteer in projects and community work as well as prepare yourself for work life as you progresses in your academic programs with Kaplan.

In addition, your active participation in student life outside of the curriculum allows for you to learn skills that will be valuable to you throughout your lifetime - both in your work-related or career life as well as your personal life. Students involved in committees and/or clubs have an opportunity to develop communications skills and improve their problem-solving and decision making skills; students involved in leadership development programming have an opportunity to develop such skills as how to lead successful meetings, resolve conflicts amicably and discuss the issue of ethical leadership. Students involved in volunteer opportunities and/or athletic competition learn about teamwork and dedication to a task, while ideas such as understanding diversity, cultural differences and valuing individuality are valued elements of our campus life.

Being involved on campus enables students to have active lives outside of the classroom. Studying is hard work but YOU will need time to relax and enjoy the social side of campus life - and that is where Kaplan Campus Life comes in!