Kaplan Bursary

The Kaplan Bursary provides financial assistance to needy Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents students studying in Kaplan Singapore, Kaplan Higher Education Institute & Kaplan Higher Education Academy. It is a monetary award based on financial needs due to loss of job, income-earner or medical treatment or condition. In addition, students should have satisfactory academic results.


  1. The bursary is open to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents only. 
  2. Students must be enrolled in Kaplan Singapore, Kaplan Higher Education Institute & Kaplan Higher Education Academy and are undergoing Diploma, Degree or Masters programmes. 
  3. Students who are in financial difficulties caused by loss of job, loss of income-earner or medical treatment or condition. 
  4. Attained satisfactory academic results. 
  5. The applicant income ceiling per capita no more than S$500 per month or the gross household income not exceeding S$2500 per month: 
    • The family’s gross household income (GHI) does not exceed S$2,500 per month; or 
    • The family’s per capita income (PCI) does not exceed S$500 per month 
    • PCI = Monthly Gross Household Income / No. of members in the household 
  6. For students who have no parents and are staying with a legal guardian, the household income of the legal guardian would be considered.Students must not hold on to any Kaplan Singapore, Kaplan Higher Education Institute & Kaplan Higher Education Academy sponsorship / scholarship or have not been awarded the Kaplan Bursary within the last one year at the point of application.

Household Income

Household income is the total income of family members who stay in the same household. Gross income is income including regular allowances and employee's CPF contribution. Income from other sources (e.g. monthly pension, alimony and rental income) should be included as part of gross monthly income. 

a. National Service allowance earned by NS men is not to be included in household income. Severance compensation and insurance payouts are also not to be included.  

b. If the income earner is on no-pay leave for 6 months or less, he/she is not unemployed. His/her monthly income in months when she/he was not on no-pay leave should be assessed.

Value & Tenure of bursary

The bursary is equivalent to a full waiver of Diploma program fees or up to 50% of the Degree/Master program course fees (Re-Module and Miscellaneous Fees are not inclusive in the bursary).


As the scheme is awarded to help needy students with the payment of any Kaplan Singapore, Kaplan Higher Education Institute & Kaplan Higher Education Academy program fees, no repayment is required. However, the amount of the financial assistance granted must be refunded in part or in full if the student discontinues his or her studies, and if fraudulent claims were made in the application.

How to apply

All applications will have to be submitted via email to the Employability & Student Affairs at bursary.sg@kaplan.com .

Required documents:

  1. Completed copy of Kaplan Bursary Application Form .
  2. Latest income supporting document (if any).
  3. CPF Contribution History of (Compulsory: 15 months CPF Contribution History for all household members including yourself, even if he/ she is not working)*.
  4. Income tax letter (for self-employed).
  5. CPF Yearly Statement of Account (Ordinary Account, Special Account, Medisave Account).
  6. NSF allowance letter for household members in National Service (NS).
  7. Payslips.
  8. Latest results transcripts, GCE ‘N’, ‘O’ & ‘A’ levels certificates/ Diploma /Degree/ Masters certificates and transcripts.
  9. NRIC / Birth certificate for ALL household members. Please exclude /delete the NRIC Number and Birth Certificate number from the scanned image as we are only verifying the members’ address.
  10. If applicable, the documentary evidence below must be attached to the application form for application:
    • Divorce certificateDeath certificate
    • Latest medical diagnosis / memo and medical bills
    • Unemployment letter (e.g. retrenchment letter / resignation letter / company end of service letter)
    • Study grant / study loan acceptance letter
    • Bankruptcy letter

 All documents must be scanned and attached to the Kaplan Bursary Application Form. Please exclude/delete all NRIC Number, Birth Certificate Number or Passport Number from the supporting documents.

Note: Please note that application does not guarantee award of bursary. Kaplan Singapore, Kaplan Higher Education Institute, Kaplan High Education Academy reserves the right to alter, amend or delete any information relating to the bursary without prior notice. Kaplan Singapore entities has absolute discretion to terminate the bursary and request for reimbursement if the applicant was found to have submitted falsified information. This information is accurate at the time of publication on the 17 September 2019.

Kaplan Bursary Application Form