What does the Employability & Student Affairs (ESA) do?


Campus Life is managed by the Kaplan Employability & Student Affairs (ESA) which works collaboratively with students, faculty, administrators, staff and partners to foster a positive Kaplan student experience. ESA develops co-curricular activities on campus with focus on enhancing the student learning experience.

We aim to:

  • Create opportunities for students to integrate curricular and co-curricular learning
  • Promote and support student diversity and inclusion
  • Provide opportunities for students to network and socialize
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities and lifelong skills
  • Enhances employability and job readiness of our graduates through the Career Development Series developmental workshops to enhance leadership competencies, wellness, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and crisis management (click on Career Development Series for more information)
  • Inform and educate students of their rights and responsibilities as a student community

The functions of ESA include:

  • Oversee the Kaplan Student Committee, student clubs and interest groups
  • Organize student activities for networking and interactive engagement
  • Organize developmental workshops, talks and career previews and job fairs
  • Provide career counseling and advisory through the Career Development Series (CDS)
  • Administer internships
  • Administer graduate surveys
  • Manages Alumni Club and its suite of benefits for Kaplan graduates to enjoy
  • Provides links to alumni chapters and university partners
  • Manages student life communications via newsletters, websites, notice boards and social media.

Kaplan Employability & Student Affairs is located at Kaplan City Campus @ GR.ID, level 6 (next to classroom 603).