About Student Engagement

Kaplan Campus Life is managed by the Employability and Student Affairs (ESA) team with a focus on enhancing the student learning experience at Kaplan.

Kaplan Student Council

The Kaplan Student Council is formed by students of diverse nationalities who are actively involved in our various interest clubs and international community clubs. Within the Kaplan Student Council, there is a select group of students who take on leadership positions with the clubs to co-organise campus activities. Being part of the Student Executive Committee or as a club representative, these students are able to hone and demonstrate their skills in creative thinking and people management. We welcome all students to join us and be part of the vibrant Kaplan Campus Life.

Kaplan Student Leadership Programme (KSLP)

The KSLP is a 6-month programme, created with the objective of developing and motivating student leaders to harness their leadership potential and take pride in their leadership roles within KSC. All SEC members and club representatives with at least 8 months duration with Kaplan are eligible to register for this programme.

The programme consists of three components:

  • Student leadership workshops
  • Exposure (eg. competitions, be a student ambassador, leadership summits, Kaplan Industry Project)
  • Student leadership camp

Participating student leaders are required to complete all 6 student leadership workshops and fulfil the exposure component before they are eligible to participate in the student leadership camp. Only student leaders who have completed all three components are certified to have completed the KSLP.

Campus Life Day

The objective of the Campus Life Day is to introduce students to Kaplan Campus Life, student clubs and career development services as well as the opportunity for new students to participate in upcoming student activities and various interest and international community clubs. The Campus Life Day is targeted at new PBEP and new Diploma students.