Business Conquest Challenge

Dec. 06, 2022



Session 1 & 2 - 07 Jan, 1.30pm to 9.30pm
Session 3 - 04 Feb, 1.30pm to 5.30pm

What is Kaplan Business Conquest Challenge?

Kaplan Business Conquest Challenge (BCC) is an award-winning Business Simulation and Gamification Education platform. It’s probably the first true cloud-based Experiential Learning system in the world that covers a broad spectrum of business concepts.

The BCC is a multiplayer experiential simulation learning game where students gather to operate a business in an international context. It is challenging yet exciting because you will be competing with other teams who are your competitors. Watch the video about BCC: 

The BCC is complimentary (free) for Kaplan students. It comprises of 3 sessions of 4 hours lesson each. The first two sessions will be held together on a Saturday from 9am to 6pm and the third session will be held on another Saturday 9am to 1pm.

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