4IR: Python Programming

Dec. 14, 2022


Course Objectives

  • Provide Basic knowledge of Python programming 
  • Understand why Python is a useful scripting language for developers
  • Learn how to identify programming construct like variables, data types and logic in a Python program
  • Learn how to write loops and decision statements in Python
  • Read and comprehend how a popular programming language works
  • Demonstrate the ability to program in basic Python, including basic constructs such as selection statements and repetitions
  • Apply Python programming skills to perform simple data mining and game programming
  • Develop the skill of designing Graphical user Interfaces in Python
  • Plot data using appropriate Python visualization libraries with Matplotlib –graph, chart, 3D


  • Certificate of Completion by Kaplan (will be received within 1-2 working weeks upon course completion)
  • 5 Kaplan Employability Statement (KES) points (only for eligible students)
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