A video campaign for a meaningful cause

Jan. 04, 2021


Calling our fellow marketing and video production students!

Do you have an ideal for creative work? Do you want the exposure to create a video marketing campaign?

Take on the challenge today to translate your creative skills for a meaningful cause!

In the month of January, we are bringing an industry project that gives YOU the exposure to tap on your storyboard and video editing skills to build awareness for a non-profit Organization.

Get your creative juices running as we present you this opportunity to interact with expert team from Society for Continence Singapore.

Pre-touch point briefing: 13 January 2020, 11am to 11.30am (Weds)

Where: Virtual session on Zoom

Project duration: 14-day short course (13 January – 04 February)

Applications are now open to all disciplines. Get cracking and head Kaplan CareersHub to register for January project: https://bit.ly/EIE-KIP.

See you on Zoom!

If you are exploring other opportunity other than internships, drop us an email to hear about how Kaplan Industry Project (KIP) can help you reach your career goal post: esa@kaplan.com.

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